TypeOnline Course
Student Enrolled510
Section 1Introduction
Section 2Dr. Brandon Kitay, "Dude, There's a Fly in My Beer!"
Section 3Dr. Alfred Kaye, "Neural Surveillance"
Section 4Dr. Alan Lewis, "Your Brain in a Dish"
Section 5Dr. Daniel Moreno De Luca, "Genetic CBT"
Section 6Drs. Youngsun Cho, "Circuit Workouts: Feeling Lightheaded?"
Section 7 Dr. Jenny Dwyer, “Circuit Workouts: You’d Be Better Off DREADD”
Section 8Dr. Katherine Blackwell, "PsyBorg"
Section 9Dr. Brandon Kitay on the Connectome
Section 10Dr. Jenny Dwyer on Microglia
Section 11Dr. Yougnsun Cho on Precision Medicine
Section 12Dr. Al Kaye on Computational Approaches to Psychiatric Illness
Section 13Dr. Georgina Burcher on Developing a Picture of PTSD
Section 14Dr. Allison Waters on the Ins and Outs of Brain-Based Treatment

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